Due to very low temperatures in recent days, in Vrsac snapped dozens gauge.Although from JKP „Second October“ since December calls upon citizens to protect their water meters, a large number of them, however, did not respond to the invitation.These days recorded increased water consumption in the third and fifth altitude zone which is a sure indication of cracking plumbing. It is time Selenite part about „Churches“ and move from Vrsac tower to the Red Cross.

We remind the public to visit facilities that are not used and if they notice the shooting of plumbing inform EJ Water Supply JKP „Second October“ to the phone number 830425.

That such things would not have occurred, consumers are advised to hold the closed water meter manholes and dry and the facilities where they do not stay turned off the water in the winter and empty plumbing. In addition, in buildings where meters are located in the basement, because of the danger of freezing, it should close all the windows. However, if damage to the installation due to the negligence of the owner, all the costs of repair and replacement shall be borne by the owners.

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