The factory for bottling water „My Water“ in Vrsac restarted brewing. Czech imports from pale malt and special varieties of hops. Only domestic yeast.

The tradition of brewing in Vrsac, long several centuries, was shut down when the Vrsac Brewery, founded in 1742, went bankrupt, and the production and bottling of beer are completely suspended. Half a decade later, this industry is trying to restore the public utility company „Second October“, that is, within its water bottling factory „Moja voda“ in Mesic, made a mini-brewery and for two months says beer on the Czech recipe, from raw materials imported from that country.

The need to expand the activities of „My Water“ appeared because, as we are told, the plant has a much higher capacity than the market covered, and in this way want to take advantage of all its capabilities. They bought modern equipment in Prague, bought the recipe from the mini-brewery which is engaged in the production within a monastery in the town range of, in the north of the Czech Republic, and started to make unfiltered and unpasteurized light beer under the brand „Signature“.

– The guiding principle when entering this investment, worth about half a million euros, was that our high-quality low-mineral water we use as the basis for the production of beer and that, consequently, in our city back this business – says Igor Djordjevic, head of the factory „Moja water „and the mini-brewery.

To meet the Czech recipe, they were obliged to use their raw materials, making this beer, according to the assessment of the Vrsac many beer drinkers, a unique taste.

– imported from the Czech bright and caramelised malt and hops a special variety that is grown only in the province Saz. Only yeast with home field, from Valjevo brewery – explains technologist Branislav Arsic, stating that they purchase and transport of raw materials from the Czech Republic cost the same as if they were purchased on the market, but the quality does not need to be discussed.

Capacity of Vrsac mini-brewery is 300,000 liters per year. They say that the more base on quality than on quantity, which is why their beer, for now, the only places vršačko market. It is found in most restaurants, which serves as a draft. If they are allowed to finance, will try to expand and the region.

Beer production is not jeopardized bottled water, which is still marketed Vojvodina and a part of Belgrade, mostly in a gallon balloons and Bidon for appliances for water.

EARNINGS IDE in the city budget

JKP „Second October“, which deals with all public utilities in Vrsac, in its auspices has several profitable operating units – unit for production of briquettes and pellets, restaurants, factory „Moja voda“, and now the mini-brewery. However, the city administration will in future have to recapitalize or privatize them, because they are not activities that would be a utility company should deal with. Until then, all their earnings will flow into the city budget, due to the fact that it is a public company.