on the basis of annual work plan JKP „Second October“ will be implemented in April intense action of cleaning the public areas in the town of Vrsac and settlements. We invite you to include the general public suggest activities to institutions managed by the action of the city as well. It is very important that the involvement of citizens, especially young people, raise collective awareness about waste disposal, primary selection, spatial planning, courtyards, gardens and other similar activities to the sustainability of the system and improve the purity increased in the future.

Your comments and suggestions will be useful to us to plan our activities and to work together through good cooperation between the city and make our environment cleaner, more beautiful and more coherent.

Please submit proposals by 15 March, to activities in which we can help each other well, were planned in the best way and that all actions are well done.

The space in which we can cooperate together is:

Peer education about the selection and disposal of waste, recycling ….
Edited schoolyards and space institutions of public importance, the eventual selection of the best decorated yard schools, kindergartens, institutions ….
Selection of the best kept gardens and balcony
Remediation planning and installation of street furniture
Participation in humanitarian and socially responsible actions.
Your suggestions and requirements by e-mail to

Thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation.

Your company JKP „Second October“