JKP „Second October“ for the first time since there paid income founder of the City of Vrsac in the amount of 100 million dinars. The Supervisory Board of the company is based on the Law on Public Enterprises and the Statute of the company made the decision on the allocation of net income.

Public companies, institutions and other organizations whose founder is the city are obliged to part of at least 50 percent of the profit or surplus of revenues over expenditures, after the last-year final account payments in the budget. The main reason for this decision is the harmonization with the Law on Budget of the Republic of Serbia for 2016.

The City Council may approve a smaller amount if you estimate that the profit is necessary to preserve liquidity operations or to require investment activity.

O operations of the new leadership JKP „Second October“ best evidenced by the fact that the increased austerity measures and reduced costs which can result in many positive results.