Price of heat applied to the consumers connected to the heating plant, and consists ofa fixed and a variable part. The variable part of the price that the accounts called“energy“ depends on energy prices. Increase in the cost price of the gas from the 1stJanuary of this year of 43% in terms of purchase price from the last quarter and, using a new price in the patterns of the methodology, there is an increase of the variable partof 31%. The fixed part of the price, on the accounts of „area“, remains unchanged.

The new price will apply from 1 March 2017.


2016 2017
Potrošnja gasa po        
mesecima u 2016.god. varijabilni deo fiksni deo varijabilni deo fiksni deo
kao osnov za poređenje (m3)  (din/m2) (din/m2)  (din/m2)  (din/m2)
JANUAR 158793 173.83 26.92 148.96 24.46
FEBRUAR 102468 111.87 26.92 96.12 24.46
MART 91970 98.81 26.92 112.9 24.46
384.51 80.76 357.98 73.38

The data in the table show that if in the same weather conditions, the cost of a household for heating energy will be significantly lower than in the same period last year.

Bearing in mind the standard of living in the coldest months, January and February,when the largest consumption, retained the original price of thermal energy thus achieving significant savings in the household budget users.