From an economic unit Waterworks PUC „Second October“ appeal to citizens to protect their water meters and plumbing to avoid rupture in the coming winter.

Proper maintenance of installations can prevent any possible damage and unnecessary expenditure. Due to the low temperatures, water installations freezes, increases volume and cause cracking tube. With the first rise in temperature, the ice melts and inevitably leaks through the resulting crack which results in flooding of the premises, mostly basement. Therefore it is very important to be on time, pay attention to places where the increased risk of water freezing and bursting pipes. Before the first minuses, it is necessary to provide water measuring shelters and shut down the fountain courtyard. Gauging shelters should have been provided with the appropriate cover and completely dried. As additional protection for gauging group may also be used as an insulation material in the gauging shelters over the lid, and in basements via lines and the gauging of the group. Also, special attention should be paid to buildings that are not heated, such as cottages, garages, sheds and buildings under construction. It is advisable to completely drain the water from the installation and close the valve. In the basement to be sure that all openings must be closed and provide a constant temperature above freezing. If the objects exist in the function room where the temperature can go down to the freezing point it is advisable to drain the water from the installation. The water is discharged to the discharge tap, which is located at the lowest part of the system. In the spring, opening the valve installation is filled with water, a fountain is automatically ready for use.

If you notice any leakage at the connection, call the duty officer EJ Plumbing, phone: 830 425, which will in the shortest possible time to go out and remediate the problem.