In Vrsac is the first snow fell. Teams Winter Services JKP „Second October“ last night about 3 o’clock in the morning they immediately took to the field and started cleaning the priority street in a committed and spread salt on the sidewalks, in order to facilitate the movement of pedestrians and road users.

According to the officials, the first snow in Vrsac is by no surprise winter service crews, who immediately took to the field and started clearing snow. Provided sufficient quantities of salt and grit, and the machinery is completely ready.

According to the winter service, a plan of priority street cleaning and spreading salt. Priority and this time the streets were on the bank, as well as the streets leading to the city hospital, health center, schools, kindergartens and other important institutions in the city. Regarding local roads, the priority is the crossroads at Mali centers, intersections Mesic and intersections Jablanka and Sočica.

From Winter Services are urging motorists to adhere to the prescribed priority and to take care of their vehicles, where and how they will be parked, so that machinery could freely passes and cleans the streets of snow.

Source: South Banat