Due to unfavorable weather conditions and the creation of ice, of Winter Services JKP“Second October“ are on the ground to enable smooth and safe flow of traffic andpedestrians. As of yesterday, they were sprinkled in all the streets of the first andsecond priority in the city and in the villages. Also, as is sprinkled and in the city center, in the pedestrian zone, at the squares and in front of hospitals, schools and churchesand in front of other public institutions. In parts of the city where there are concrete blocks, dusted rizla.

Зимска Service is on duty during the night, so we ask all the presidents of local communities to inform headquarters (Bosiljko Donevski 0608070119 and 0608435015 DraganDivljaković) on the situation on the ground in case of emergencies.

Perhaps the low temperature and frost surprised Hemofarm, or winter service JKP“Second October“ are not. Is provided everything needed for the operation of public utilities in winter conditions, but if it comes to snowfall, the team will provide all the necessary equipment to go out and provide pathways.