Association „Parakvad Vs“ bought a new orthopedic aids, walkers and hand gripper for items and handed them our fellow citizens Milena Gojkov, which itself collects remarkable amount of plugs for action „Collect human plug“.

– We thank all the citizens who participate in this action, and also JKP „Another October“ for the generous technical support, says Dragan Vitorović president of the association „Parakvad Vs“.

On behalf of all members of the Association „Parakvad Vs“ Vitorović thanked the other members of the campaign, such as: Preschools in Vrsac, Nursery school „Branko Radičević“ from the Center and „Djura Jaksic“ from Pavliša, elementary school „Olga Petrov Radišić“ „the concept of crime“, „Branko Radičević“ from Uljma, „Coriolanus Doban“ from Kustilj, school center „Nikola Tesla“ Agricultural school „Vršac“ school „Jelena Varijaški“ High school Dormitory Vrsac, center for social work Vršac Auto service Zoki, Air Traffic Control and flight Academy Vrsac-SMATSA General hospital in Vrsac, EJ factory „Moja voda“, „Sava insurance“, student Union Vršac, City Museum, City library, NP „Sterija“ Palladio East DOO Bank Postal Savings border police Batting, Motel „Windmill“ Hotel Serbia, pensioners Association Vrsac, PIO Fund Vrsac, the health insurance Fund Vrsac, Sports center „Millennium“, the Sports Association of Vrsac, Badminton club „fanatic“ Vrsac, bakers ‘Hermes’ Coca Cola Hellenic – team South Banat, markets „Univerexport 013“ discount drinks „Valor“, „Swisslion Takovo“ cafe „Pharaoh“ cafe „Escada“, Expres restaurant Vrsac, games Sunny Beach, GO Serbian Progressive Party Vrsac, car wash „Sponge Bob“, Gallery Cafe Galerijana, Beauty Salon „Center de beaute ‘, and all of our fellow citizens. We apologize if we have omitted some, thank you all for your great support.

Association „Parakvad the universities conducted the action“ Collect human plug „which is based on the collection of bottle caps, regardless of size, colors and shapes, all caps, which are made of plastic come to mind. The ball is simultaneously ecological, humanitarian, inclusive character, or with a lot of volunteer work.

– Our message to all citizens read „Collapse Human plug“, help people in need and their already difficult life even easier. Collection of bottle caps with packaging and their further distribution charge to provide money for the purchase of orthopedic devices for people with disabilities. At the same time the goal is to change the awareness of people with disabilities as active and useful members of society. In this way raises and environmental awareness among citizens, especially among children and youth, says Vitorović.

Caps for action you can leave whenever you see „Parakvad Vs“ van around town, at a friend’s actions set out above and in association Monday to Friday from 08 to 13 hours, in the Boulevard Milos Obilic 10.