On the occasion of the creation of new snow cover in the last 24 hours were over 50 workers Winter Services JKP „Second October“. Snow clean the roads of the first and second priority in the villages and in all parks and now there is no impassable roads.

In accordance with the priorities, Winter Services workers removed snow cover off the sidewalk, where the topping and salt. Continued cleaning in front of all public institutions, in order to enable smooth operation and functioning. Machinery Winter Service with nine vehicles, working in three shifts and maintain unobstructed access roads cleaned yesterday. There is also a third level of machinery, and are provided and a sufficient amount of salt and grit.

This way, once again appeal to all citizens to clean the snow in front of their shops, apartments and houses, as well as to take into account and respect the rules of parking, to vehicles of Winter Service was enabled more efficient and safer operation.

At this time, traffic is carried smoothly and not prepoučuje the movement on the road without a pressing need.

We ask all the presidents of local communities to inform headquarters (Bosiljko Donevski 0608070119 and 0608435015 Dragan Divljaković) on the situation on the ground.