On Friday, 10.03.2017. , as part of the reconstruction of main sewer sewage system ø 800 in Vrsac, ul. Nikola Neskovic, will be carried out extensive construction works for which will be closed to traffic streets around Agriko market and Maxi markets, namely:

– Ul. Nikola Neskovic from ul. Kosančić Ivana to ul. Tanaska Rajića

– Ul. Duro Cvejića from ul. Nikola Neskovic to Lomina ul.

– Ul. John Black, of the Romanija ul. to ul. Duro Cvejića

According to the proposed works, the said street will be closed for a period of 7-15 hours.

Tomorrow, from 6-13č, no water will be Kosančić Ivana street and right side of Milos Obilic Kosančić Ivana to Duro Daničića.

In case of bad weather the works will be postponed to next week, as will the citizens be informed.