Based on the positive reviews and comments of satisfied customers service, restaurant Arena is the winner of the trust company, awarded by the Center for Opinion Research clients.

In addition to our fellow citizens, loyal guests restaurant Arena, this year it has been our honor to assist and numerous events. Participants of the traditional art colony „My Water“ are already satisfied customers for years, and this year we helped organize the first festival „circulation“, the Conference WWVRšac, and began to hold regular Salsa parties.

Certificate Trust Company of the award that aims to create a good image of the company or company on the Internet, which is directly related to the construction of a good image. Started by the Center for Research Clients, this project aims to more customers know that a given company stands out from the competition.

In this way, the restaurant Arena has once again proved its quality to the satisfaction of both guests and employees, and in the next year will mark the anniversary of 175 years of existence of the object.
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