Traditional action planning Vrsac hills, organized by the City of Vrsac, brought together some 400 participants, including the EJ Komunalac JKP „Second October“. The organization itself, the action and participation was rated as very affirmative, and has a significantly foothold at citizens, especially to young people, and which guarantee the sustainability of action, and creating and maintaining a positive habits towards the environment.

Workers EJ Komunalac dealing with landscaping of public areas, with the help of mechanization, have contributed. They are engaged in the assembling furniture, mowing, clearing of undergrowth and cleaning of pavements and verges. In addition, all waste is collected, workers Komunalac drove to the landfill.

For the next period we plan to set up a bench and trash along the road to the resort of Red Cross and will be followed with the beginning of vegetation and mowing all surfaces, which is about 5 acres. These activities will happen during the month of April, which was declared moon purity. In addition, the PUC „Second October“ conducted a series of activities on the development of the city.

This is primarily for the detailed arrangement of the spring public areas, mowing, raking, planting flowers, implementing the action of removing small illegal dumps in the city, odovoženju bulky waste from households and the like.

Also, we invite fellow citizens and the institutions that arise us with ideas and needs for adjustments in their environment. We will try to establish cooperation and to everyone we can.

Of course, JKP „Second October“ plans to implement throughout the year such activities.